Tips For Central Maine Residents To Keep Wasps Out Of The Yard

There are several benefits to living here in Maine. Where else are you going to find more beautiful fall scenery than on our coast or lobster for under $5 a pound? One thing we often take for granted is that our pest season is much shorter than it is in most other states; mainly due to our long cold winters. However, despite our long break from pests like wasps, they are now back, threatening us with their stingers all across our beautiful state. The good news is that there are some simple ways to help keep these unwanted pests off of your property.

Why Even Maine Homes Aren’t Safe From Summer Wasps

As we have already established, wasps are summer pests here in Maine. Their bodies are designed to thrive in hot weather but perish when natures thermostat is turned down. Of course, we are now well past the chill of winter and thoroughly into stinger season. Luckily, it is not too late to get your property the protection it needs.

Last Minute Tips To Mitigate Unwanted Wasps 

When it comes to keeping wasps off of your property, you must first understand what attracts them in the first place. For the species of wasps here in Maine these attractants consist of sweets and meats. By taking the below steps, you can reduce these factors on your property and in turn help to deter wasps.

  • Leave no scraps behind after outdoor cookouts; even though the food left in your yard is biodegradable, it is also a quick way to attract hungry wasps.
  • Make sure not to leave out any open sugary beverages as they are also enticing to scouting wasps.
  • If you have fruit trees on your property, remain vigilant in picking up over-ripened fruit that falls to the ground as these can be tasty treats for stingers.
  • When feeding your pets outdoors be sure to pick up their food and water bowls after they are finished. You can assume most pet food contains a high amount of meat protein.

 Why Call The Professionals If Wasps Show Up

Here at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control, we understand the frustration and danger of dealing with unwanted wasps. We offer high-quality nest removal and wasp extermination for homes under siege. If, despite your precautions, wasps find their way onto your property, give us a call today! We will be happy to head over quickly with a solution to your dilemma.