Things You Can Do Now To Prevent Stinging Insects This Spring

Maine has a fair amount of upsides and downsides, some are subjective, others plain and simple. One of the subjective upsides is the beautiful snow we get every winter, it is certainly on our kids’ upsides list because it means snowmen and no school. What it also means is no stinging insects, this is a lot less subjective upside. Despite how hard the winters can be here in Maine, not having to deal with pests makes them more bearable. But this only lasts for so long, and as the weather heats back up, stinging insects come back around. Will you and your property be ready for them?

Seasonality For Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are fair-weather pests. This means when the weather is warm they thrive but when the temperatures begin to drop they run and hide. Typically, it is around this time of year when stinging insect queens begin to emerge looking for new places to set up housekeeping. Although one queen may not seem like a horrible thing to have on your property, what she will bring is. After a queen has started a nest, she will lay her eggs. These eggs turn into workers, and those workers build the nest bigger and help the queen reproduce more stinging insects. The longer this goes on, the more of a threat they will pose.

What Attracts Them To Homes and Simple Tricks To Reduce These Attractants

Most stinging insects are attracted to homes by two things, sweets and meats, more specifically sugars and proteins. This could be anything from a flower to a couple of dropped pieces of steak covered in barbeque sauce. Here are some simple ways you can reduce these things to deter stinging insects from settling down on your property.

Clean up after outdoor gatherings: If you host an outdoor gathering that involves food, make sure any leftovers, spills, or trash that stingers may consider food is properly cleaned up.

Make sure your trash cans are sealed: Many of the things we throw away are a feast for stinging insects. If your trash cans do not already have tight-fitting lids, we highly recommend investing in ones that do.

Find nests early: Keeping an eye out for small, partially formed nests is the best way to handle wasps as it is much easier to have a small nest treated rather than a big one.

Why Professional Treatment For Stinging Insects In Maine Is Worth It

Because of the threats stinging insects pose and the way that many of them fight to defend their nests, it is always better to leave treatment in the hands of the professionals. If you spot a nest around your home, big or small, give the pros here at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control a call immediately. We will send one of our pest technicians your way right away to make your property nest free.

Having a reprieve from pests during the winter months in Maine is a good thing. But that reprieve is coming to an end. Consider these prevention tips to keep stinging insects at bay.