What Is Integrated Pest Management & Why Is It Important?

Short term pest control solutions are a decent way to deal with the pests of the here and now, but not necessarily the right choice for dealing with the infestations you may be facing down the road.

Integrated Pest Management, also known as IPM, is a program of pest prevention that centers around long-term prevention. This holistic, thorough approach to pest control involves a special balance between cultural, biological, and chemical controls. In order to do this, pest control professionals begin by inspecting, evaluating, and otherwise identifying reoccurring issues in a home or commercial business. Specialized techniques, including prevention, abatements, products, and traps are utilized to create the best possible outcome. To protect the safety and integrity of your home and family, pesticides will only be used if there is no other option for elimination. Only the highest quality products will ever be applied in the case of severe infestation, and are used according to all local, statewide, and federal procedures.
Many forms of IPM, including biological pest control, microhabitat manipulation, and even mechanical controls, are some of the most cutting-edge pest control practices in the field today. For you, your business, and your loyal customers, integrated pest management is an important step forward in the future of the pest control industry and the protection of our planet.

Is IPM Important For My Home Or Business?

Integrated pest management is vital for the homes and businesses of Augusta, relieving the additional strain of products, harmful chemicals, and other pest control measures from the environment. In fact, all good pest control companies worth their salt will make a point to apply integrated pest management to their intrinsic business model.

If integrated pest management isn’t used on a home or business, you can possibly expect:

  • Inefficient, unsafe, and costly chemical applications
  • Chronic infestations that never go away 
  • Increased susceptibility to pest infestations, over time

A great example of integrated pest management in action includes making home conditions unfavorable for infestations by sealing cracks, using a dehumidifier, and removing exposed foods and drinks. For businesses, choosing materials and strategies that involve pre-treatment will keep pests from ever entering the building.

Why Bug Busterzzz Refuses To Settle For Less Than The Best

Available to all our current and future customers, Bug Busterzzz Pest Control is a firm believer in the proper use of integrated pest management no matter what your needs may be. If you are currently struggling with pest concerns, have had infestations in the past, or are anxious you may be facing an infestation in the future, call or visit the main office at Bug Busterzzz every weekday on Mondays and Fridays from 8 AM to 4 PM. Come see for yourself how our professional team has all the skills, speed, and services that you need to face your pest control concerns today.