Why Professional Pest Control In Augusta May Be More Effective Than DIY

Many people think pests aren't a problem during colder months, but the truth is they happen all year long. While there are more pests to deal with when temperatures are warmer, winter pests may be more aggressive in their attempts to get inside. In the winter, some pests rely more heavily on people for food, which becomes scarce this time of year, and a place to stay warm.

Because pest problems never go away, Augusta residents should know the most effective ways to control these critters. Before you waste time, money, and energy trying DIY pest solutions, you should read below to hear what experts say regarding DIY pest control versus professional pest control.

Does DIY Pest Control Work?

Property owners will often choose to address pest problems on a case-by-case basis and their own. They do this because they think it will be cheaper and have faith in the store-bought products so readily available. But the truth is, these products are not as effective as they boast and can sometimes worsen an infestation.

DIY pest control seldom gets to the root of the pest problem. Instead, it acts as a bandage, removing some of the pests, but not all of them. To eradicate a property of an entire infestation, you have to fully understand the pest you are dealing with, how they are getting inside, and what factors are attracting them. If you don't remove the factors that make your property a conducive environment, they will continue to infest.

Similarly, some pests need to be treated at every life stage, and some products won't do this. They will only remove adults, leaving eggs and nymphs to mature and reproduce.

While baits and traps seem simple enough to use, many people don't think ahead to what they will do once they have captured or killed a pest. Disposal or removal can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

Having a working knowledge of common area pests is essential to effective eradication. As much information as Google can tell you; it won't make you an expert on all things pest-related. This is why DIY pest control is flawed and should be left up to professionals.

Does Professional Pest Control Work?

Professional pest control does work! And it is safer and more effective than DIY methods. For Augusta, Maine residents, Bug Busterzzz Pest Control's pest control programs are the way to go.

Our Green Advantage Plan is a new flagship product designed for general pest control. This plan includes:

  • Two yearly scheduled visits from one of our qualified pest technicians will treat your home for existing pest problems, and an eco-barrier installed to keep future pests out.
  • Free re-treatments.
  • Spot treatments for the interior of your home.

Along with our Green Advantage Plan, we also offer additional pest control services such as:

  • Mosquito Control: Monthly treatments for when mosquitoes are at their worst.
  • Bed Bug Control: Liquid treatment that targets bed bugs.
  • Rodent & Wildlife Control: These are common winter problem pests.

Contact Bug Busterzzz Pest Control

Professional pest control means you can keep your property pest-free year-round with ongoing pest control services instead of DIY pest control, which usually only happens when there is a problem. Don't do it yourself. Contact Bug Busterzzz Pest Control to find out how to get started today with safe and effective pest solutions.