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What are rodents?

Rodents are a type of mammal, and they are categorized by their set of continuously growing front incisors on both the lower and upper jaws. Most rodents do not grow over 2 feet in size, but there are two species of rodents (beavers and capybaras) that may grow larger. When it comes to rodent pests, however, common examples of the rodents that may get into your home or business property include squirrels, rats, and mice. The color of a rodent’s fur may vary depending on species, but the color range can vary from grays and browns to white and black.

Are rodents dangerous?

If rodents weren’t disturbing enough with their large, front teeth and long, naked tails, they can actually be quite damaging to the structure of your home and may create health concerns for you or your family. Rodents may cause damage to your baseboards, furniture, electrical systems, and piping when they gnaw on these items. The constant chewing by rats, mice, and squirrels has caused house fires, and floods in some cases. In most cases, damage to your furniture or the structure of your home may cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. Additionally, rodents may carry parasites, pathogens, and diseases into your home or business that can cause serious health problems. Diseases associated with rodents include Lassa fever, Leptospirosis, Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonella, and several others.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents are attracted to food, shelter, and warmth. However, food is the main reason rodents choose to invade properties. Homes with open garbage cans, plenty of spaces to hide, and easily accessible food sources have a high chance of attracting rodents. Rodents also get into homes when they find areas that allow them inside, such as gaps in foundations, cracks in exterior walls, or loose shingling along rooflines.

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents adapt fairly well to most environments they come across, but there are certain types of environments they prefer more than others. Homes with lots of shrubbery, overhanging trees, cluttered lawns, and tall grass provide rodents with areas to hide and ways to gain entry to your home. Once inside, rodents generally prefer to stay out of sight and can be found hiding in cupboards, high shelves, attics, wall spaces, and basements.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Attempting to handle a rodent infestation without the help of a trusted pest control provider can be frustrating, and even dangerous. If rodents have infested your home, it is always wise to seek the help of the pest technicians here at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control. We are happy to provide you with a comprehensive pest control program to remove existing pests from your property, and to ensure that no pests are able to enter in the future. The pest control professionals at Bug Busterzzz have years of experience when it comes to handling all types of pests, including rodents. To keep rodents off your property, reach out to us!

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

Keeping rodents from deciding your home is a great place to stay starts with understanding what is attracting them to your property. If you remove their attractants, then you may prevent them from getting inside.
Steps you can take include:

  • Sealing your trash cans, both indoors and outdoors, and storing your outdoor trash cans away from the exterior of your home.
  • Inspecting your foundation, exterior walls, and roofline for crevices that rodents may be able to use to get inside, and sealing these areas.
  • Keeping food items stored in plastic airtight containers.
  • Storing pet food away at night.
  • Cleaning your counters and floors regularly.
  • Trimming trees and thick brush from the exterior of your home.

Keep rodents off your property with one of the trusted pest control programs we provide here at Bug Busterzzz!

Customer Reviews

We used Bug Busterzzz for a rat issue (thanks to our neighbors with pigs and cows!) They were very prompt on coming out and setting up traps. They also did some spray foam under our sink. They came back weekly to reset traps and our issue is now gone! Knock on wood! Thanks Bug Busterzzz!

Laurie R | 31 August 2020

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