The Trick To Effective Mosquito Control In Augusta

There are a lot of uncertainties regarding Augusta weather this time of year, but there is one thing we can put on the forecast for you: mosquito populations are growing, and they’ll be at a party, cookout, or picnic near you.

Mosquitoes are some of the most recognizable insects in North America. Their most common physical attributes include:

  • Six legs, with a pair of long forelegs that provide stability during feeding 
  • A long, thin, three sectioned body, including a head, thorax, and abdomen 
  • A pair of short, concise wings that do not extend past the length of the body 
  • A short proboscis specifically designed to push through tender flesh

It is important to note that not all mosquitoes bite humans for the purposes for a blood meal. In fact, male mosquitoes will not bite at all, instead relying on nectar and plant moisture to survive. At a certain time of their life cycles, female mosquitoes will require several hearty blood meals in order to fertilize their eggs. They do this in swarms, and cause a plethora of itchy, annoying bites on their human hosts.

We all have seen mosquitoes flying around our Augusta yards, and likely don’t think anything of the many bites we pick up from the great outdoors. However, underestimating these insects would be making a grave mistake.

Mosquitoes aren't just annoying backyard pests, but extremely dangerous animals. Professional entomologists agree that the common backyard mosquito is one of the deadliest animals on the planet. This is primarily due to their spread of serious disease, including:

  • Zika virus and malaria, exotic illnesses effecting pregnant women and the unborn 
  • Encephalitis 
  • Tularemia 
  • Yellow fever 

Unless homeowners make a point of protecting their properties from mosquito infestation, the risks of summer disease related to mosquito bites is very high.

Ways To Reduce Mosquito Populations Around Your Augusta Yard

Fortunately, there are several things homeowners can do right now to help mitigate out-of-control mosquito populations before the summer season has allowed too much unchecked insect breeding.

  • Remove Standing Water: Empty bird baths, fountains, tarps, and other objects that may have collected water. Fill up ditches or potholes with topsoil to help prevent standing puddles. 
  • Trim Hedges: Prune shrubbery, vegetation, and other greenery away from the sides of the home. 
  • Cultural Controls: When in the yard or in an area where mosquitoes may be prolific, consider wearing long-sleeved clothing and chemical skin abatements. 
  • On-Going Pest Control Assistance: No matter how you look at it, professional pest control is the one and only way to ensure complete mosquito protection during the hottest summer months. Monthly services and consistent product applications are an excellent line of defense between homeowners and their buggy backyard solicitors.

If you are interested in getting to the bottom of your ongoing mosquito infestation, schedule a free home inspection through the licensed professionals at Bug Busterzzz today.

Crush Concerning Creeps With Mosquito Control From Bug Busterzzz

There’s no doubt about it: mosquitoes are some of the most annoying, dangerous, and downright frustrating pests to ever creep into your backyard. While many homeowners decide to risk the health and safety of their families for hopes of finding a DIY treatment, the honest answer is that professional pest control plans are the only true method of reducing populations to zero.

Serving Augusta residents and beyond for years with caring, knowledgeable professionals, Bug Busterzzz has only one mission in mind: restoring your home to its safe, normal, and welcoming status.

Interested in how a professional mosquito abatement plan could revolutionize your backyard? Contact Bug Busterzzz today to learn more about our mosquito control programs. Give us a call through nearest local branch during our service hours, or fill out the online contact form to connect with us instantly.