All The Problems Mice Can Cause In Your Augusta Home

Do you want your family to be at risk of disease? Mice are sometimes overlooked as a dangerous pest because at first glance they may seem relatively harmless. These small, furry rodents are even sold as pets, so why are they considered a pest? To help you answer this question and protect your home, we’ll go through some common characteristics of mice and explain some of the dangers they can bring. It’s important to protect your home from house mice and the problems they can incur. With Bug Busterzzz Pest Control you can rest easy knowing that your home, family, and friends are protected.

The House Mouse

House mice are usually between two and four inches in length, with long skinny tails that can add an extra four inches. They are usually grey with cream bellies, but they may also have brown fur. They have round bodies and large round ears. During the fall months, rodents like house mice come into homes to find shelter and warmth. They will hide out in your basement, attic, or closets as they wait for winter to pass. Mice can get through tiny cracks, even as small as a quarter. They’re one of the most common house pests, but they don’t need to be a pest in your home!

Dangerous Mice

Although mice may seem cute with their round ears and furry bodies, they are not a welcome pest. The main reason for this is that mice carry diseases. The most common disease associated with house mice is salmonella. This can be transferred through mouse saliva, urine, or feces. In addition to salmonella, house mice have been known to transmit rat-bite fever. Though uncommon, this is a serious disease that you don’t want to place your family at risk for. It’s never a good idea to ignore a mouse infestation! In addition to these diseases, mice often carry with them fleas and ticks. These pests have another set of diseases that your family can be exposed to if you allow them to habitat indoors.

The Trouble With Rodents

Rodents are a difficult pest because they can get in easily, multiply quickly, and be happy to stay. It can be difficult to get rid of mice! Mice can get in through tiny holes. They may come in through uncovered vents, holes in the exterior of your home, tears in the screen, spaces under the door, even though the chimney. Once inside, they can damage your home by constantly gnawing on furniture and belongings. They’ll also get into your cabinets and chew through any cardboard or plastic containers to get into your food. They tend to eat small amounts at a time, but once they’ve gotten into the packaging, the food is contaminated and needs to be tossed. When mice get inside, they multiply. Female mice can give birth every three weeks, and each litter can result in six babies. As you can see, a mouse problem can quickly get out of hand!

Mouse Control In Augusta

You might think that you can handle a mouse problem on your own with traps around the house. However, we don’t recommend a DIY(do it yourself) approach to rodents. By relying on Bug Busterzzz Pest Control, you’ll have access to our training and experience. We’ll help you figure out how the mice entered your home in the first place and we’ll show you some necessary changes that can reduce your chances of an infestation in the future.

We’ll also help eliminate the present mice population already in your home and help you with the cleanup.  We have the tools and materials needed to do this safely. Don’t risk dealing with mice alone, get help from Bug Busterzzz Pest Control today!