Augusta's Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

In general, pests irritate and scare humans. But there are some that unsettle folks more than others. Rats are one of them. Being much larger than any insect, rodents aren’t easy to trap and kill. Their long tails and pointy teeth cause people to be intimidated and fearful about approaching them. As if that weren’t enough, these critters are capable of spreading diseases and ruining belongings. Rats are simply awful. To make matters worse, it can be challenging to get rid of them because they reproduce so quickly.

What Rats Are Common In Augusta? What Are The Risks?

Norway and roof rats are prevalent in this state. Norway rats have tails that are 7 inches long with a body span of 15 inches. Although their tails and ears are scaly, the rest of their frame is covered in bushy gray or brown hair. These creatures are infamous for wrecking lawns with their burrowing and digging. Their tunneling assists them in entering properties. Once they’ve made it to the exterior, they’ll use their teeth to expand holes around doors, vents, and utilities. Not that they would really need to widen them, because they can fit in openings ½ inch around or less. If there are gardens, dense shrubs, or high grass on your land, expect Norway rats to hide there. Even if your yard is in tip-top shape, you’re liable to have a problem if your property’s structure is in poor condition.

Roof rats are slightly smaller than their Norway counterparts. Their scaly tails measure beyond their furry brown or black bodies. Since they prefer heights, they’ll crawl along tree branches and power lines to reach your rafters, roof, garage, and/or attic.

Typical indications of a rat infestation are:

  • Finding droppings
  • Noticing oily stains and rub marks across walls
  • Seeing footprints
  • Hearing scratching or squeaking noises behind walls
  • Spotting rats in broad daylight; the majority are active at night

As rats scurry through rubbish and filth, they pick up germs. Considering they naturally have parasites in their hair and they release waste, these pests are like walking bacteria. Your surfaces and food will no doubt be contaminated. Salmonella, tularemia, and hantavirus are just a few of the illnesses you could contract. Further, rats file their teeth on cords and foundations. This could lead to cosmetic damage and/or an electrical fire.

How Do You Prevent Rats?

Take these steps to avoid rat intrusions:

  • Seal cracks around your doors, windows, foundations, roof and utility lines, and vents.
  • Repair leaks and other moisture defects; these critters love dampness.
  • Use airtight containers for food and garbage storage. This will reduce their food sources. 
  • Groom your lawn, and clean your gutters. 
  • Place greenery two feet from exterior doors.

What Can Bug Busterzzz Pest Control Do About Rats?

We at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control can boost your rat prevention efforts, or intervene if all else fails. Many “do-it-yourself” methods are faulty because they do nothing to tackle entry points or infestations. Moreover, they can be highly toxic or dangerous. Besides, it’s hazardous to come in contact with rats or their waste. Our skilled and trained technicians have the equipment and products necessary to address these matters in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way! Call us today!