Why You Don't Want Squirrels Hanging Around Your Augusta Property

In Augusta, Maine, Squirrels are so common that most people don't pay any attention to them. Because of this, property owners don't often think of squirrels as pests they should worry about. However, squirrels can cause problems, including health concerns, when on your property, especially when they invade your home. As a Maine resident, you should know about the issues squirrels on your property can cause and how you can reduce their presence near your home.

Identifying Squirrels

People often forget that squirrels are a member of the rodent family because of how common they are. In fact, it would probably be more worrisome to not see squirrels in Maine than to see them.
Grey squirrels are the most common in Maine and can be identified by their thick, bushy tails and grey fur. They often cause property owners problems as they are active year-round and spend a lot of their time collecting food because they are scatter-hoarders, meaning they hide food in different locations rather than one place.
Red squirrels are another common species in Manie. As their name implies, the red squirrel's fur is reddish to a reddish-grey. Like grey squirrels, red squirrels don't hibernate. However, they do store food for the winter months.

Dangers Of Squirrels 

Like deer, squirrels are so common that people often feel a false sense of comfort and forget that they are wild animals. Because of this, people feed these wild animals, which can make them rely on humans. This also can cause them to lose their fear of people, encouraging them to get closer to steal food.  

A common trait of all rodents, including squirrels, is that their front teeth never stop growing. This causes them to have to continuously chew and gnaw to keep these teeth from growing too long. If they have access to your home, squirrels won't hesitate to chew through the structure of your home itself and any belongings they come across.
Squirrels can also carry parasites and transmit diseases to people and domesticated animals, parasites such as ticks (which can transmit Lyme disease), mites, and fleas. Other diseases transmitted by squirrels are salmonellosis, tularemia, and leptospirosis. Although it is rare, squirrels can also transmit rabies.

Preventing Squirrels On Your Augusta Property

Although squirrels may not seem like pests you need to worry about, it is good practice to eliminate factors that attract them to your property and especially into your home. Removing possible food sources is one of the best ways to ensure squirrels don't get too close to your home.

  • Remove bird feeders or keep them on the outskirts of your property. You can also try to use anti-squirrel bird feeders.
  • Clean up after eating outside.
  • Keep garbage bins properly closed.
  • Don't feed or leave food out for wildlife.

To keep squirrels from getting inside your home, take the following precautions:

  • Seal up cracks in the structure.
  • Repair holes or other damage to the roof.
  • Clear tree branches away from the home.

Quality Pest Control And Tips

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