The Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Control For Your Augusta Home

Pests are good at sneaking in when you least expect it. That’s what makes pest control a constant, year-round concern. Those who fall behind on routine maintenance and prevention can easily find themselves with an infestation, so it's important to arm yourself with all the information and assistance you can.

Pests Don’t Take Vacations

When people think of pests, they tend to think of seasonal bugs or rodents that they notice mostly in spring and summer. But many pests can remain active all year long, and the ones that can’t outright survive the colder months are driven to invade homes and businesses for shelter. That’s why you can never be too careful when it comes to pest prevention, and seasonal treatments by professionals -- who can also give you general prevention pointers -- are the only way to stay protected at all times.

Case By Case Doesn’t Cut It

Besides the idea that pests go dormant during certain times of the year, another common misconception is that pests are only a problem if they are noticeable. More accurately, people think that just because they haven’t seen any pests, that their property is pest-free. Again, pests are good at sneaking in and hiding in the voids of our homes, the places where we don’t often look or think to check. The problem is that pest problem grow out of control during this period of ignorance, and once populations have dug in they can be truly difficult to get rid of. That’s why do-it-yourself methods are largely ineffective. Not only can some of them be unproven, but even if they succeed at eliminating a few pests they will do little to actually root out the source of the problem. Only pest experts can do that and do it safely.

Proven Pest Control From Bug Busterzzz

The advantages of professional help aren’t just that experts know what to look for, it’s also that our services have a track record of actually working. At Bug Busterzzz Pest Control, we offer complete-package services that tackle everything you need to keep pests from ever invading. Instead of turning to online accounts and slapdash solutions, try out one of our effective services:

  • Bug Control: From parasites like fleas to ants and cockroaches, invasive bugs plague homeowners all year long. Our treatments can eliminate existing populations and prevent future infestations.
  • Rodent & Wildlife Control: Not only do you need to protect your exterior from encroaching wildlife in the spring and summer, but you also need to be on top of prevention for when these creatures seek shelter from the cold in fall.
  • Green Advantage Plan: Lawn treatments keep pests away from your home, and they can also help keep your yard looking healthy all year. Our Green Advantage Plan includes two annual treatments that protect against a range of pests. If additional spot services are needed inside your home, we can address those, too.
  • Free Re-Treatments: If pesky pests hang around even after our initial service, we’ll keep re-treating your home at no extra cost.

Get Started Today

For total protection from pests, you should go with what works rather than having to worry about it all on your own. At Bug Busterzzz Pest Control, we can assist you with everything that goes into pest control, from early prevention to timely removal of problem populations. By partnering with us, you’ll never have to worry about the negative effects of pests, like damage and health concerns, because our treatments will stop them in their tracks. To get started on pest control for your home, contact Bug Busterzzz Pest Control today.