How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My Augusta Home?

Pests that feed on trash and scraps are gross enough, but even worse are the ones that feed directly on us. Bed bugs are bloodsucking parasites that are incredibly common, and difficult to get rid of. Learning how you can properly protect against an infestation will save you from a persistent problem.

What Are Bed Bugs?  

Bed bugs are small, almost microscopic pests. While they are difficult to spot, they actually can be seen by the human eye. They are smaller than an apple seed, and usually reddish brown in color. While they are known for infesting mattresses and box springs, bed bugs actually infest a wide range of items and places. They get around by clinging to hair, skin, or fabric, hitching rides from one hotspot to another. Once they find a place to nest and feed, they burrow into fabrics found in clothing, furniture, and upholstery. It’s because of this behavior that bed bugs can be spread far and wide -- and why they are a lot easier to track into your home than you might think.

What Problems Do Bed Bugs Cause?

Once bed bugs move indoors, they quickly set about laying eggs and breeding in the hundreds. A population doesn’t even have to grow all that large to lead to other problems. Here are just some of the problems that bed bugs cause:

  • Bites: Often the first sign that one has a bed bug problem are their small, red bite marks that are found after their blood meals. They are itchy, and can really pile up.
  • Infection: While bed bugs aren’t known to spread any diseases through their bites, frequent scratching at the itchy welts can lead to infection as the skin breaks.
  • Anemia: Another side effect of frequent biting is low blood count, or anemia. This is especially a problem in people who take blood-thinning medications, or might have pre-existing health conditions.
  • Insomnia: Bed bugs themselves can keep people awake with their itchy feedings, or you might just lose sleep at the thought that they could be growing in numbers.

How Can You Control Bed Bugs?

Unfortunately, once bed bugs move in to your Maine home, they are nearly impossible to get rid of. While you can find phony methods touted online, like using a hair dryer to cook bed bugs out, these often don’t work and can actually be dangerous. Fire hazards aside, most solutions also don’t account for the larger problem: the eggs that might be hiding elsewhere on the property. Addressing the immediate problem doesn’t guarantee that bed bugs won’t come right back. That’s why, instead of turning to DIY methods, or cheap alternatives, you should go straight to your local pest professionals. Only expert solutions can completely eliminate a bed bug infestation, and make sure it doesn’t come right back. That’s not the only guarantee that professionals can provide, you also know that any chemicals used will be safe for you and your loved ones.

Stay Safe with Bug Busterzzz  

Because at-home prevention is so risky, the proper course of action for bed bug control is to call Bug Busterzzz Pest Control. If you already know bed bugs are around, there’s no time to waste. Even if you don’t suspect bed bugs, it’s better to be safe than sorry. During a thorough inspection of your home, our trained staff can provide you with helpful tips for avoiding bed bugs and keeping them out. If any problems are spotted, we’ll work quickly to fully eliminate any bed bugs or eggs around. We won’t just stop with one visit, though, we’ll follow up, and make sure the problem’s stayed gone. That’s pest control you can rely on.
For true protection against parasitic bed bugs, trust Bug Busterzzz Pest Control.