Pest Control Tips For Augusta Homeowners

It is human nature to try to make things more convenient and accessible. This is why we have things like refrigerators and pantries to store our food, switches that turn on several lights at a time, and indoor toilets to use so that we don’t have to go outside. Unfortunately, these amenities also make pests want to invade our homes. If you own a home here in Augusta and you regularly find insects, arachnids, and other creatures indoors, here is everything you should know about quality pest control in our area. 

The Types Of Pests That Invade Augusta Homes

There are several species of pests that live here in Augusta. We have rodents like mice and rats, insects like ants, flies, and mosquitoes, arachnids like spiders and ticks, and wildlife like raccoons, skunks, and gophers. Which pests you find in your home depends on what species are present on or around your property. Many species in our area are not noticeable until they break into living areas, creatures such as cockroaches and rats. Others are obvious, like ants and wasps. These can be seen outside long before they invade. Some pests are just nuisances but others require pest control servicesbecause they are harmful to health or property.

The Problems Pests Can Cause In Augusta Homes

Not every pest that lives here in Augusta is dangerous. Only certain species pose risks to human health. Here are three categories of threats that area pests pose and how to determine your risk.


Pests spread diseases in a few different ways. Most often they pick up harmful bacteria,  pathogens, and parasites and then transmit them off their bodies and through their fecal droppings. This is best seen in rodents and cockroaches. Other pests spread diseases through their bites. Rabies is one common sickness you can contract from being bitten by an infected wild creature like a raccoon or skunk. 


Some pests that live in our area shed their skin frequently or have extremely dry fecal droppings. Insects like cockroaches have skin and fecal droppings that can trigger asthma attacks and other breathing problems for individuals with respiratory problems. 


Venomous creatures attack their victims with their fangs or attached stingers. Some common venomous pests in our area are wasps, spiders, and fire ants. If you are allergic to any of these pests’ venom, you may have a severe reaction to being stung or bitten by them. Consult your doctor to learn your risk.

Easy & Effective Pest Prevention Tips For Augusta Homes

To keep pests out of your home, you have to limit their access to food, water, and shelter. Here are a few simple ways to do this around your home.

  • Address moisture issues like leaky faucets, clogged gutters, and rainwater build-up.
  • Keep your home tidy and clean.
  • Seal entry points in your home’s exterior.
  • Trim your grass regularly.
  • Store leftovers inside air-tight containers.
  • Make sure your trash cans have pest-proof lids.
  • Address food messes and drink spills as they occur.

The Best Way To Keep Pests Away From Your Augusta Home

When it comes to keeping pests out of your Augusta home, your absolute best option is to hire the experts at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control. Our team provides local pest control services to help homeowners like you identify, eliminate, and prevent pest problems from occurring around your property. To sweeten the deal, all of our pest control services can be designed to fit your Augusta home’s individual needs.

Call us today to discuss our quality pest control options with our pest control advisor. This pest control advisor will answer any questions you have and put you on a path to a pest-free home.