Total Mosquito Control For Augusta Residents

Have you ever dealt with a mosquito bite? Or even worse, have you had a whole bunch of bites all over your body after spending time outdoors? Mosquito bites are so frustrating to deal with the incessant itching, and then they start to swell and even get infected if you itch too much. However, these bites can also pose many more serious risks. Mosquitoes are dangerous as they transmit many illnesses, so they are the most dangerous animal on the planet. Find out how to keep these harmful pests away from your home through effective Augusta mosquito control services.

Mosquitoes Are Much Needed To Maintain Our Ecosystem

Most people dislike mosquitoes, and they aren’t a pest that you want around, but they do have a place in our ecosystem. Mosquitoes are pollinators. They mainly eat nectar to spread nectar from plant to plant.

Mosquitoes do play a part in the food chain. Many animals like bats and birds eat mosquitoes, so it would be devastating to the ecosystem if all mosquitoes suddenly died.

But, while mosquitoes might need to exist, this doesn’t mean they are a pest you should ignore around your property. Mosquitoes in Augusta can spread diseases such as encephalitis and the West Nile virus, and you should take them seriously. 

The History Of Mosquito Control 

It’s probably not surprising that people have been fighting to keep mosquitoes away for centuries. In the late 1800s, a farmer found that you could use kerosene to kill mosquitoes in water troughs. And then, in the 1900s, pesticides were discovered and used to kill mosquitoes; the most notorious of these was DDT. This chemical was applied rather liberally for decades, creating many negative impacts on humans and the environment.

These days, pesticides are safer, and there are many more methods to eliminate mosquitoes. You can trust professional mosquito control services to safely remove this dangerous pest and protect you, your family, and your pets with eco-friendly treatments.

Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood To Live?

It might come as a surprise that not all mosquitoes bite. It’s only the female mosquitoes that drink blood. While all mosquitoes have a mouthpart called a proboscis, the males only drink the nectar and plant sap. Even the females usually only drink the nectar, but they will bite humans or animals when they are ready to lay eggs. They then use the extra protein to grow their eggs.

But, while mosquitoes aren’t always biting for their food, it doesn’t make the risks of these pests present any less. Contact the pest control pros at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control to protect your home. Most DIY mosquito control options aren’t that effective or only work for a limited time, so long-term prevention and eradication are the answer. 

Everything You Should Know About Mosquito Control

If you are dealing with many mosquitoes around your property, there is only one sure and safe way to reduce their numbers. The Augusta pest control professionals at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control offer eradication services, and we can also prevent mosquito problems in the future. Call us today to learn more or to book a quote.