Everything You Need To Know About Gentle Bee Control In Augusta

Summer is flourishing here in Augusta. Maine’s lush greenery is bringing in tourists from all different parts of the country, but it’s also bringing in something else. Bees are buzzing around the state, keeping busy and building their hives. 

While these insects might worry us when they whiz by, they are also the most helpful insects to the environment and humankind. Augusta pest controlspecialists knowwe wouldn’t have our beautiful scenery and food like squash, broccoli, or blueberries without these little helpers. Therefore, it’s important to treat any unwanted bee presence gently and respectfully.

What Attracts Bees To Your Property?

Bees look for specific things. If your property has them, they’ll feel invited and may even build a hive. Know how to control honey bees on your property by knowing what they look for:

  • Flowers to pollinate
  • Dry grass, dead leaves, dry wood, and litter
  • Dark and dry areas to nest
  • Water to drink

The flowers that attract bees the most are single flowers with only one row of petals. These have more accessible nectar because of their pollen-rich anthers. But bees aren’t only concerned with pollination. Dry debris like leaves, grass, or wood can inspire a colony of bees to build their hive, especially if there are shaded areas to set one up. Lastly, bees need to drink as they work; any source of water will lure them.

Protecting The Bees In Augusta

The government in Augusta, Maine does a lot to protect the bees. Last year, Governor Janet Mills passed the bill to restrict neonicotinoids. These bee-killing pesticides are now prohibited on residential properties. 

We at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control encourage Augusta residents to help protect the bee population. There are some things you can do to aid these winged workers without jeopardizing comfort on your property.

  • Grow single flowers at the far edge of your property.
  • Remove standing water near your property.
  • Cover any holes or nooks that might let bees build a hive.
  • Remove debris and clutter from the yard so bees aren’t inclined to build a hive.

While we want to help the bees, no one wants them setting up their own home in yours. Keeping attractive elements like flowers or water-filled bird baths at the furthest point on your property will let them carry out their business without endangering anyone. But in the summer, sometimes getting stung is unavoidable.

Treating A Bee Sting

While most bees sting once and sever their abdomen afterward, carpenter bees are capable of stinging multiple times. The same ideas above apply to how to control carpenter bees in Augusta. This can make your property safer. But if you get stung, you’ll need to know how to treat it.

  • Calmly leave the area.
  • Scrape the stinger out of the skin without pinching it.
  • Use soapy water to wash the sting.
  • Press a cold pack to the sting to bring down the swelling.
  • Take nonprescription pain medication.

Once stung, remain calm. If they feel threatened, carpenter bees may sting again. Don’t resort to tweezers or two fingernails to remove the stinger. This will inject more venom; simply scrape it sideways and out. Lastly, clean the sting and apply cold to keep the swelling down. 

Remember how to control carpenter bees naturally to discourage them from your yard in the first place.

Gentle Pest Control For Bee Removal In Augusta

Beehives should be professionally relocated. This will ensure the hive survives and doesn’t return. We at Bug Busterzzz can help. We will:

  • Locate the hive.
  • Safely remove the hive.
  • Make sure the bees don’t return.

Whether you’re worried about how to control honey bees in your home or how to control bees in your yard, our professional and environmentally aware specialists at Bug Busterzzz Pest Control are the best bee pest control near you. Reach out to us if you have a bee problem.