Common Myths About The Spiders That Live In Augusta

How much do you know about the spiders that live around your Augusta home? Most people do not know much more than the fact that some types of spiders have powerful venom. If you are uninformed about these eight-legged pests, do not worry. We are experts. To help you better understand the spiders in Augusta, here are some common myths about spiders and the corresponding truths. If you are looking for immediate assistance to deal with an infestation of spiders, call us now. We will send a technician your way with a quick and effective solution to your problem.

Five Strange-But-True Spider Facts 

How much do you know about spiders? Most people know that they are creepy and sometimes invade homes. To help you better understand these eight-legged pests, here are five strange-but-true facts that you might not know.

  1. Spiders have a built-in anti-freeze in their bodies that prevents them from freezing in cold weather.
  2. A male spider will sometimes force-feed himself to a female by placing himself in her mandibles.
  3. Not all spiders are solitary. Some species work together to build massive webs that stretch over trees, bushes, and grass.
  4. If a spider was human-sized, its web would be stronger than steel.
  5. Some spiders look like ants. The best way to tell if a spider is in disguise is to look at its legs. Spiders always have eight legs. 

Why Do Spiders Build Webs?

One thing you should know is that not all spiders spin webs. Some kinds of spiders hunt from the ground. The spiders that spin intricate webs do so to catch their prey. Web spiders build webs in areas where pests roam, like the corners of rooms or outside near light sources. This optimizes a spider's chances of catching a meal. Ground spiders have to put in more leg work to get a meal. You might find a ground spider hiding between your storage boxes or crawling around in your basement looking for other bugs to eat.

Some Commonly Told Spider Myths

There are many things people believe about spiders that simply are not true. In order to keep you well informed about these pests, here are some of the most commonly told spider myths as well as the truth to each myth.

Myth: Spiders are insects.

Truth: Insects have six legs. Spiders are arachnids because they have eight legs. Another common arachnid you might know is the scorpion.

Myth: The daddy longlegs spider is the most venomous spider in the world but cannot bite because its fangs are too small.

Truth: There is no evidence to suggest that daddy longlegs spiders have venom strong enough to eliminate or cause any real problems for humans.

Myth: Spiders are aggressive.

Truth: Most species of spiders understand how dangerous people can be and go out of their way to avoid being caught and squished. The only time these pests will bite is if they feel directly trapped or threatened.

Total Spider Control For Augusta Homeowners 

In order to keep spiders out of your Augusta home, you need a quality pest control plan. At Bug Busterzzz Pest Control, we offer amazing general pest control options to help members of our community combat pests such as spiders. If you are in need of emergency services to remove potentially dangerous spiders from your home, let us know. For long-term services, we start with a detailed inspection. This will help us assess your risk of infestation, identify existing problems, and give you an opportunity to learn options with one of our specialists.

Call now to learn more about our Augusta pest control options and schedule your home for a visit.