Is Professional Rat Control Necessary For Augusta Homeowners?

Mouse sitting in a potted plant outdoors

Rodents belong to the order Rodentia and represent one of the largest groups of mammals consisting of several thousand species across all continents except for Antarctica. Rodents share a common characteristic that involves having overgrown front teeth called incisors that causes these critters to continually grind their teeth and chew on things. Common examples of these pests include mice, rats, squirrels, voles, and more. 

Are you a local homeowner struggling with how to get rid of rats in your house? Many property owners mistakenly try taking matters into their own hands by purchasing mass-marketed options sold through online retailers or local home improvement stores. Despite their often-exaggerated claims of effectiveness, many of these products, including sprays, traps, and baiting systems, prove ineffective against larger infestations. Weeks or months later, these individuals find themselves experiencing prolonged frustration. 

An experienced local Augusta pest control professional is properly trained and equipped to oust rat invasions and understands how to keep rats away from the exterior areas of the premises. The professionals recognize that "one-size-fits-all" solutions for eradicating rodents rarely produce positive outcomes, as they fail to accurately consider the specific nature and extent of the problem and generate only short-term results. A licensed pest control professional performs an exhaustive assessment of the property and creates a customized solution.

Do I Have A Rat Infestation?

The Norway rat and the roof rat are among the most common types that plague homeowners in this region. Including their tail, Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) or brown rats often reach lengths of more than 15 inches and have gray or brown fur. Norway rats primarily remain at ground level and have excellent digging and burrowing abilities. Having very strong teeth, Norway rats will widen small holes around the frames or doors or windows, exterior vents, or near utility line entries.  

Roof rats (Rattus rattus), also known as ship rats or black rats, are long and lean creatures with either gray or black fur and sometimes a white underbelly. As excellent climbers, roof rats will infiltrate structures from the upper floors. Like most rodents, they are omnivorous creatures that will consume a variety of foods. 

Are you wondering how to tell if you have rats or mice inside your home? Look for damaged packaged foods in pantries, trails of droppings, or sounds of scurrying pests at night. 

What Causes A Rat Infestation?

Preventing a rat intrusion begins with knowing how to keep rats out of your house, as these pests will capitalize on opportunities to venture through small openings and enter a home. Easy access to food and water sources can also attract rats to your home. Using proper trash storage and disposal, keeping your home clean and tidy, and addressing moisture issues can all help prevent rat infestations.

Here Are Six Tips For Dealing With A Rat Infestation

Once rats enter a home, they typically expand their presence into a full-blown infestation. Some of the best methods for dealing with these pests include: 

  1. Keep kitchen areas clean and free of food sources. 
  2. Ensure that all trash cans containing food scraps have functional lids. 
  3. Limit sources of water by fixing any leaks.
  4. Seal small openings on the interior to limit movement into other rooms.
  5. Always use caution when setting traps or baiting systems when you have pets or small children.
  6. Discourage household pets from making contact with these creatures. 

The best means of responding when you suspect a problem with rats involves seeking assistance from a rodent control professional.

What Does Bug Busterzzz Pest Control Do About Rats In My Home?

The trained team of experts with Bug Busterzzz Pest Control provides the highest-quality rat control in Augusta for local home and business owners. We employ a well-qualified team of pest control specialists that uses eco-friendly products whenever possible. 

We now offer a Green Advantage Plan that creates a virtual barrier of protection around the structure. The plan includes treatment for stinging insects, ants, box elder bugs, and a host of other unwanted potential intruders. 

Keep in mind that our pest control services always include a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today for further information.